Our Philosophy and Pedagogy

Every child has immense potential for success and this ability is coded in their DNA

Recent studies in epigenetics suggest that though we possess this genetic capacity to grow, it remains only potential unless its is unlocked by way of our interaction with our environment. Our expression of our genetic potential depends on our experiences, more importantly on the experiences in the early years.

The entire Programme is a beautiful mélange of creative activities designed in a way to scaffold just enough so that children are allowed to explore & express themselves in multiple ways. Our approach draws from the best established practices globally in early education to inculcate the skills of focus, logic, teamwork and patience in every child. Our proprietary curriculum is inspired from the High scope, Creative Curriculum, Reggio Emilia approach and the Montessori methods to ensure all round child development.

Our pedagogy celebrates the uniqueness of every child. Each child learns differently thus we customize learning for every child to ensure that it is never boring nor too challenging for a child to grasp. Our child led activity areas allows them to plan & choose and reflect on their interest areas under the guidance of the educators.

At Small wonders, parents are the cornerstone of the child’s learning path. We keep the evaluation and assessment transparent so that parents can participate in this process and make the childhood memorable for every child.